Freight transport bulk loads in the Czech Republic and EU countries

Bulk transport costs is our core business. In the beginning, I have specialized in transporting aggregates and sands in northern Moravia. Currently, we provide transportation throughout Europe. We provide transportation of all kinds of materials, including transport of dangerous goods in ADR and transportation mode JIT "Just In Time".

We have extensive experience with transportation of materials in construction and agriculture, it is necessary to secure the drive in many hundreds of thousands of tons in a relatively short period of time.

Our company is certified according to GMP + B4. designed for carriers feed.

We specialize in transportation:

  • bulk materials
  • ferrous metals scrap
  • agricultural commodities

Most frequently transported commodities: coke, agricultural commodities, fertilizer, coal, nonferrous metals, iron, plastics, aggregates and sand.

Project logistics

Many projects require special logistics and timing. We offer our customers logistics planning and overseeing the transport performance. The project involves managing the entire supply chain, inbound and outbound transport, just-in-time or just-in-sequence transport for lean manufacturing.

Certificates and licenses


Thanks forwarding services we provide our customers with the security of service throughout the year, regardless of seasonality, weather conditions or demands on the organization and deployment of technology. Our experienced team of joint holders operatively solve problems related to the long-planned transport performance and impact of the order on a European scale.

Bulk transport

Our key activity is transport of bulk materials. Initially, we specialized in transport of crushed gravel and sand in the territory of north Moravia. Nowadays we implement transports all over Europe. We ensure transport of all types of materials including carriage of dangerous goods in compliance with the ADR agreement and carriage in line with the JIT "Just in Time" strategy. We heve wide eperience with transport in building industry and agriculture where it is nesessary to ensure bringing in of several hundered thousands of tons over a relatively short period of time.

Our firm is certified according to the GMP+B4.1 standard determined for feedstuff carriers..

The most frequently transported commodities are:

  • coke
  • agricultural commodities
  • fertilizers
  • coal
  • non-ferrous metals
  • iron
  • plastics
  • Crushed gravel and sand

Campaign transportation

Our own strong fleet of trucks enables it to provide customers with high-volume shipments in the order of tens to hundreds of tons in a relatively short time. To do this, we also offer special machines for smooth logistics landings.

Our other services

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